Sven Speer


I am a policy adviser on government regulation of religion and religious freedom. Having worked at universities and parliaments, I am experienced in political science and political practice. Since 2011, I have presented my work more than 50 times at institutions in Washington, D.C., Berlin, Cairo, Beirut, Jerusalem, and many others places.

My research and consulting focus on how governments successfully influence religion and how religious traditions influence politics. My methods include inferential statistics and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). Recently, I have finished my PhD thesis on religious parties as rational actors at the Institute of Political Science at Goethe University Frankfurt.

Currently, I am a policy adviser for education, science, culture, and religion at a German state parliament. In addition, I am chairman of the Open Religion Policy Forum, a network investigating religion policy. I have a special interest in think tanks and science outreach. For me giving public lectures, taking part in or moderating panel discussions, and working with journalists are essential and rewarding parts of research.

If you want to connect for policy advise, research, a public event or reporting, I am happy to receive your message. ->contact and network